Think Long And Hard Before You Refuse Travel Insurance

A Short Story For You…


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Imagine this.  You and your spouse have finally saved enough money to take that river cruise along the waterways of Europe that you have dreamed about for so long.  You both have worked so hard and it is time to get away and relax all while enjoying views so amazing that it takes your breath away.

You start searching for and calling travel agents.  You finally found one that seems to know what she is talking about and one that is certified in a few areas.  She’s certified as a Hawaiian and Disney Specialist as well as a specialist in All-Inclusive Resorts.  But, what really caught your eye was that she has been on a couple of river cruises herself and is certified as a River Cruise Specialist.  So, you guys agree to meet for coffee on Saturday morning to discuss your plans for this magnificent vacation. 

christmas 1912802 960 720 1 232x300 - Think Long And Hard Before You Refuse Travel InsuranceSaturday arrives and the both of you were up and ready to go even earlier than you are during a workday and more excited than kids on Christmas morning.  You make it to the coffee shop to finally meet your travel agent where she greets you with the warmest smile you have seen in a very long time.  She shakes your hands and offers to buy you both coffee as you sit down at the table.  You noticed all of the brochures and catalogs that she brought and you couldn’t help yourself.  You both immediately grab the information and was eyes to paper as she was talking about the river cruise experiences she shared with her husband.  It sounded so good that you were drooling!

You and your spouse looked at each other after about 30 minutes of reading and looking over the material and decided that you both want to take one of those jazz lover interest river cruises in June for 11 days that begins in Cote d’ Azure and ends in Paris.  You would be entertained by jazz bands on the ship and have guides to take you on sight-seeing tours where you will visit the Vienne Jazz Festival at the city’s Roman Amphitheater where Miles Davis and Ella Fitzgerald once performed.  You will also get to see the Notre Dame Cathedral and of course, the Eiffel Tower.  

Everything is going great.  You have everything planned and ready to go in your mind.  Then, your travel agent asks if you want to purchase travel insurance.  You say, “No”.  Your travel agent’s mouth dropped because she couldn’t believe what you just said.  It was one of those, “What you talkin ’bout Willis?” moments.  Think long and hard before you refuse travel insurance “You are about to spend your hard-earned money on this fantastic cruise and you don’t want to spend a little more to protect your investment”?  

Enough Is Enough

Okay, so this is where I end the story and step in to explain why you need to have travel insurance.  We’ve all heard people say that they don’t need it, they don’t want to spend the extra money, nothing is going to stop them from going on the vacation anyway and it’s just extra money for the travel agent. Well, yes, that part is true.  The travel agent will make a commission on the travel insurance, but that is not the point.  The point is, that the travel agent is legally required to “offer” travel insurance to their client and if the client refuses, the travel agent should have them complete a Travel Insurance Waiver.  The other point is that while it is an added expense, the insurance protects the client if they need to cancel their trip due to illness, death, financial hardship or for any other reason that may come up unexpectedly.  broken 1295776 1280 150x300 - Think Long And Hard Before You Refuse Travel Insurance  

Let’s say, you go on a cruise.  Most cruise lines do offer travel insurance however, they do not fully protect you.  Select a plan that protects the cost of the trip and provides post-departure benefits such as emergency medical coverage, emergency medical transportation coverage, coverage for baggage issues and travel delays.  If that cruise line goes out of business, you are not getting that money back.  If for some reason, you need to have an emergency evacuation, most suppliers will not reimburse you until you return from the trip.  What if that evacuation costs you $60,000, do you have that?  For those instances, you are going to wish you went with a company that will give you up to 100% cash back and guaranteed payment immediately for a covered reason.  What about missing a flight connection or ship departures and cancellations within 24-72 hours of departure? This is a lot to consider.  

Think long and hard before you refuse travel insurance.  As an agent, it’s my job to offer you the best advice I can and to keep your best interest in mind.  In a nutshell, you need to get the insurance.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.  My old boss always said to me, “It’s not a problem until it’s a problem” and believe me, that’s one you don’t want.  If you do go with the supplier’s insurance, make sure you read everything to see what it covers.  If you are satisfied with it, then good for you but, if you want to look into a couple of 3rd party travel insurance companies, look at TravelSafe Insurance and Allianz Insurance.    Just do something to keep your mind at ease and your investment safe.






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